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Hey!  This is RIK.  I play Furry Paws, Virtual Pups, Nintendogs, and Petz 5.  This site is mostly for Petz 5 stuff (as per the name) but I plan to have advice and such hosted here from other sites as well.  I've been looking for a Petz 5 showing site for a long time now, and couldn't find one that was still active.  So, here it is.  I made my own!  I will have litterz, adoptionz, showz, playscenez, and more!  Also, FAQs from all of the aforementioned games, and forums where you can talk about whatever you like!

So come on in and enjoy your stay,



We will be MOVING to a new location shortly for a more general and  *** better ***  site.  Please check back to see our new address!!!


My email is  This is my preferred method of communication, as I check at least once a day, and usually more.  However, I know that sometimes you don't always trust emailing random people you met online, or maybe you don't have an email.  I have included other ways to contact me, but, just realize these may be slower.

On VP I have several kennels but the main one is When I Think About Rain and my Player Name is K9-5.

On Furry Paws I have 2 accounts.  My main one is #582986.

You can also post on the forum - I check this fairly often as welll, but you have to check back to get the answer.  I haven't had any of our members use the forums much yet, but they are very useful.

Can't wait to hear from you,

RIK (or Tricktser, K9-5, Kia, Eyeburz, Petz5luvr, Copscam).

Updates 1/26

So, the number one NEW THING is that I've decided to like catalog the updates.  So you can look back and see old ones.  That should be fun!!  This way, if you're new, you don't show up and have missed all of the old stuff.

MLID and I have been sharing some lines and stuff - she adopted one of my kittens!!!  And I adopted one of her mixed breed puppies...I've already bred him, and the pups and him will be on the site soon.

I haven't updated in a while, but the still is active, so PLEASE come and visit, participate, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS.  The current show has been going to like 2 months now, and no one has entered but MEEE!!!

Updates 1/14

So, good news and bad news.  The bad news - I have exams this week!!!  The good news - as of wednesday (tomorrow) at 12 noon, I have NO responsibilities until NEXT wednesday, when the new semester starts up.  That means lots of updates on here - so check back always!!!

Look - its my ratties!!  Pepper is the black one, and Oni is white.  They are SOOOO cute!!!

Updates 12/26

So, several new things have happened! 

1) I took off the Xmas countdown, Xmas is over.  (but it was GREAT!)

2) We've been accpeted into the Petz Yellow Pages!!!!  This is a database of ALL petz sites everywhere - this will be a big advertising thing for us, and hopefully we'll get new members!!!